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Selected Stories by Xuemo

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Selected Stories by Xuemo

Selected Stories by Xue Mo is a collection of four wonderful stories taking place on the silk road.The stories features the desert, camels, dholes, yellow sand and a great number of other elements typical in the life of western China,and expressing the themes of love, faith, eternity, life and death,and depicting the souls of the farmers of western China stubbornly arise from pains and suffering.

The book is a bridge to the literature world of the novels by the author Xuemo,fitting for reading in fragmented time.Selected Stories by Xue Mo has been translated into more than twenty different languages until now.Its English version is translated by the well-known British sinologist Nicky Harman,and one of stories ‘Old Man Xinjiang’has been published by Britain's Guardian newspaper which considers it to be one of the five most excellent short stories in contemporary China.


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